Emergency Management

The F&D team offers complete management services after natural disasters.  Our staff of seasoned professionals has decades of field experience working with cities, counties and private land owners to assist them with comprehensive damage assessments, managing and monitoring all types of debris removal including sediment, vegetative, construction & demolition, hazardous trees, white goods, and hazardous materials.  Our experienced staff of engineers and technicians are supported by additional staff members recruited and trained from the local area where the disaster occurred, thus providing needed employment to these areas.

Our extensive experience managing contractors combined with our knowledge of civil and environmental engineering will assure the satisfaction of local governments and provides our clients with peace of mind that they will receive full Federal and State reimbursement for eligible debris removal and field monitoring costs.  Our knowledge of disaster management includes the complex governmental forms, (FEMA) processes and data management necessary for the successful administration of your project.

Our debris removal monitoring services include

•  Project Mapping /Survey & GIS Mapping
•  FEMA & State Meetings
•  Knowledge of FEMA Guidelines
•  Field Documentation
•  Truck Certification
•  Disposal Site Management
•  Data Input & Management
•  Validation of Invoices & Billings

Engineering Services

The F&D team of engineers and project managers can assist you with your immediate assessment needs after a natural disaster.  We offer cities, counties and homeowners consulting engineering and reporting services including:

•  Civil / Structural Inspections of Buildings
•  Erosion Assessments & Remediation
•  Structural Integrity Assessments of Road & Bridges
•  Stormwater Management Plans
•  Utility Design & Relocation
•  Survey / GIS Mapping
•  Customized Services